Exit Signs

“This Way To The Egress,” one of my favorite exit signs. Made famous by my hero P.T. Barnum, this exit sign was used to get people out of his overcrowded American Musuem. Folk thought an egress was just another one of Barnum’s exhibits.

In actuality, "Egress" was another word for "Exit," people followed the signs and ended up on the streets outside the museum, and people would have to repay to reenter the museum.
Old P.T. sure had a great sense of humor.

What does your exit sign say about you and your business?

Do you thank people for coming in and spending money at your business?
If not, why not? If you what them to feel appreciated and come back over and over, add a simple thank you sign at the exit of your business. People will remember .

And you might remember to add Exit Signs to your business and marketing plan because you can never thank customers enough

Budget: $250 - $2,500 one time