Entry Signs

Entry sign, entrance signs and welcome signs are all used to attract customers have been used forever.

An entry sign either entices your customers to come in or scares them off.
What does your entry sign do for you?

Entrance signs can be used to tell your story, make an offer or simply get a visitor to enter your store or Website.

Create entry signs that are clear, concise and enticing.
Use your windows and doors as billboards to help get people to enter.
Take advantage of windows to market your products/services.
It’s an inexpensive way to be cre¬ative, to attract a crowd, and thereby increase customer traffic into your business.

I was recently walking around “Main Street” in a city near where I live, and I noticed a crowd looking into a window display. The business “behind the window” sold expensive leather lingerie and they had some of their employees out modeling some very sexy stuff. I watched long enough to see many people look at the show, and then go into the store. I also saw many of them come out with purchases. Now that’s using your window space to generate sales!

There are many ways to attract attention to your business or Website: neon signs, attractive website header graphics, a plasma video screen running video demos, a video that starts playing when a visitor enters your Website or even having a live demo like the leather lingerie store did.

Last week I saw a giant purple gorilla on the roof of a new local restaurant.
Many people pulled in to their parking lot to see what it was all about.

It’s important to take advantage of your windows (or even your roof) and home or landing webpage to draw people into your business.

If you can get them to come in, then hopefully they will buy what your have to offer them.

If you get people to come in using entry signs, you probably had a marketing plan that mentioned designing and adding entry signs.

Budget: $100 - $450 quarterly