End Cap Displays

End Cap Displays are the displays that are in the main aisle of a grocery store at the end of the standard shelf units.

End caps showcase your product and give you space for more promotional graphics and text.

When a shopper is turning from one aisle to the next, your product is the only one in their direct line of sight.

Your product is displayed without having to compete with other products in the same category.

When you own a retail store it is important that you start looking at your end caps as more than a location to promote merchandise.

Sure that remains an important part of their purpose.
However start leveraging the end caps in your store for even more.

How? Build an end cap with a one-time product offer directly next to a related product aisle of your store.

Then move your standby products directly next to the new items and watch the sales soar.

Also try, locating an end cap directly next to a fully stock aisle of related items.
Add a few attention-grabbing signs, and you’ve got the perfect formula for add-on sales.

This same marketing tactic can be repeated throughout your store.

But don’t stop there. Strategically locate end cap displays of those special sale items next to complementary items.

Using this formula will build added sales.

As you become more proficient matching item with each other you’ll find your average sale begins to climb higher and higher.

When will you start adding end cap displays to your advertsing and marketing plans so you can watch products fly off your shelves?

Budget: $25 - $100 per week