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Employee Training

Do you have rules and procedures that your employees are trained to follow consistently?

Employee training sould be organized activity spent increasing an employee or agent’s knowledge of a process, procedure, product or other aspects of a company.  Through increasing knowledge, productivity and confidence of employees, employee training ultimately is intended to integrate and achieve the company’s specific goals and objectives.

Most companies have two types of employee training.
New hire training often is composed of a company’s history, culture and common administrative procedures.
Employee training for product knowledge or skill building occurs when a company introduces a new aspect or reviews elements of their business, products or services in an attempt to share greater knowledge, effect new and effective outcomes or adopt changes in procedures and protocols to achieve a stated goal.

Many companies feel that observation of experienced staff combined with quickly learning product knowledge is adequate training. One national payroll services firm conducts very extensive eight-week employee new hire training for all incoming account managers.

They feel that the low turn over and 75% or greater achievement of quota for these new hires within the first six months justifies the expense.

Now, many of my clients have made it mandatory for their employees to read various sales and marketing materials.

When these employees have finished with the mate¬rials, they are directed by my clients to take a small test that confirms that they have actually read and under¬stood the material. Ultimately, this basic training could help your employees to understand your marketing methods. This should improve their understanding of how you run your business and lead to increased sales and profits.


  • What are our educational goals with new and current employees?
  • What is the return on investment we seek through staging on-going training?
  • What are the best ways to communicate these goals, knowledge and objectives to these employees?

Make all of the training courses and use of the training materials mandatory to remain an employee of your company. If you need outside help with training, get it. This training will pay for itself with lots of additional good will and business.

Budget: $500 - $2,500 a month