Public Relations


Employee Contests

Marketing through contests that reward positive results is a fun way to promote your company and the relationships that make it successful. When you do some careful planning and get a team of your people to help out, contests becomes easy marketing to do, and has a tremendous positive effect.

We’ll look at an example that involves internal marketing for your team of employees. Keep in mind that internal marketing is just as important as external marketing. Whether you have 3 employees or 30, you want quality people, all focused on servicing your clients. In this process, strong and effective communication is the foundation to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Let’s say you have 3 people who primarily take phone calls from customers or prospective customers and your objective is to find a solution for them in one call – make it easy for the customer by solving their problem immediately without a follow up call. Train these 3 people well and empower them with the tools to make this objective happen. Have this team of 3 set the benchmark and timeframe to measure success. While an individual contest is effective if done correctly, first celebrate as a 3 person team when you meet or exceed the benchmark. Reward the team with something tangible – like a signed certificate that is displayed proudly on the wall. Then treat them to lunch, etc.

The obvious benefit is happy customers, but think about these things also: when potential customers visit your facility, they will see and feel the commitment and enthusiasm of your team.

This is priceless. In addition, your team is happy and enjoys their work. So, come up with contests that will create positive results for your company. The key is to make the criteria for success all about customer service and improvement.  

Budget: $100 - $500 per month