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E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing means to follow a marketing strategy by using email as a communication channel with:

  •  present customers,
  •  prospects,
  •  resellers.

It is important to underline that doing Email Marketing doesn’t mean to spam, i.e. sending unsolicited email messages and/or newletters without the recipients permission.

Email Marketing actions are based upon gaining the recipient’s express permission to advertise. Spamming is illegal under the law on privacy.

Typically applied to outbound communications from a company to prospects or customers to encourage purchase or branding goals.

Email marketing is most commonly used for mailing to existing customers on a house-list, but can also be used for mailing prospects on a rented or co-branded list.

Emails may be sent as part of a one-off campaign or can be automated event-based triggered emails such as a Welcome strategy which can be broadcast using an autorespoder system.

The main advantages of Email marketing are:
1. Relatively low cost to send an email. The physical costs of email are a lot less than direct mail using the postal service.
2. Email as a direct response medium encourages immediate action. Email marketing often leads to a clickthrough to a website where the marketing offer can be presented, thus increasing the likelihood of an immediate, impulsive response.
3. Speedy campaign deployment. Lead times for producing creative and a multi-email campaign tends to be shorter than traditional media.
4. Ease of personalization. It is easier and cheaper to personalize email than for physical media and also than for a website.
5. Options for testing. It is relatively easy and cost effective to test different email creative and messaging.
6. Integration. Through combining email marketing with other direct media which can be personalized such as direct mail, mobile messaging or web personalization, campaign response can be increased as the message is reinforced by different media. Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The main disadvantages of Email marketing are:

1. Deliverability. It?a difficult getting messages delivered through different internet service providers (ISPs), corporate firewalls and webmail systems.
2. Email response dropoff. Email recipients are very responsive when they first subscribe to an email. It is difficult to keep them engaged without great content.
3. Communications preferences. Recipients will have different preferences for email offers, content and frequency which affect engagement and response. These have to be managed through communications preferences.
4. Resource intensive. Although email offers great opportunities for targeting, personalization and more frequent communications, additional people and technology resources are required to deliver these.

With  email marketing you can reach out and communicate with your customers, clients and prospects using an easy and affordable email system.  Email marketing gives companies the option to send out corporate announcements, press releases, product launches, coupons, and much more to their clients on a continual basis.

Of course, the option to Opt-out of receiving e-mail is always on the bottom of the e-mail so you  conform to the CAN/SPAM laws.

Email Marketing and Email Marketing plans refers to the process of planning & sending targeted opt-in (permission-based) emails to your mailing list.

Budget: $100 - $350 per week

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