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Electronic (Digital) Brochures

E-brochures are a great new tool to help you market your products and services. It has electronic pages with clickable links and a readability factor, far greater than text on a web page.

E-brochures embraces all the characteristics of a glossy magazine, with interactive features that allows the reader to communicate, from within the publication. E-brochure appears on computer screen and the reader can turn the pages to move forward or back through the brochure. All this with just one mouse click! Navigation simply can not be easier!

E-brochures can be used as catalogues, brochures, books, manuals, business magazines, photo albums, reports, presentations, newspapers, newsletters, menus, flyers, booklets, diaries, sales quotes - in fact just about anything you can imagine in hard print can be transformed into an e-brochure. You can take your existing publications and turn them in to a very user friendly, electronic digital brochure.

The pages can include high quality pictures and most other form of multimedia to enhance the reader experience. E-Brochures are incredibly easy and inexpensive to distribute - the vast majority can be emailed to anywhere in the world and can be sent to 1,000's of clients in a moment!

And the best part is, you can send your digital e-brochures to anyone in the world in just a  few seconds - and practically for  free!! Can you do this with your printed publication?

E-brochures are downloadable from your website too and allow the user to link to your website, online catalog or shop, send an email, or print pages whilst still in the e-brochure.

Clients can also submit queries, comments, and even orders for merchandise using links to websites, blogs and order pages. This is a valuable marketing tool for any business and should be included in every business, advertsing and marketing plans. 
Dgital e-brochures provide an avenue for easy two-way communications with your customers.

digital e-brochures to your future marketing plans is a smart, very smart move, Add them now.

Budget: $500 - $1,500 per brochure

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