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Many schools, universities and elearning websites are offering many different classes. Classes to hone your markerting and sales skills. But that’s not what you need to know about these online universities. Many online elearning sites need classes to offer their students.

Did the light bulb flash on? Did you know you can offer your classes in these elearning sites. They market, bill and collect for the tution, then send you a check for a percentage of the class.

One of the advantages of creating and offering these classes is, you do it once and get paid for it over and over.

Plus, all the materials are created by you, so you put little hints about the other services your offer, an expanded product related to the class you are teaching. you get the idea. You get paid to stealth market to an audience that is proven interested in your knowledge.

In other words, do a search for online universities, elearning centers and online schools to discover which ones are looking for smart teachers like you.

Budget: $250 - $500 quarterly