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Educational Seminars

Educational seminars are a forum where interested audiences interact with a company, its products and/or services and learn more about them, often in a generic way.

Educational seminars often teach how the sector or industry works as a whole, and can often demonstrate a specific product or service works in that broader context.

Educational seminars can also be used as a way to bring a prospect to a given place to control the variables that attempting to conduct the sales process in a prospect’s home or place of business would not allow. Seminar selling also feeds on the idea of a group mentality, showing that others are equally comfortable making this same purchasing decision as an individual customer.

Education Seminars are more then just simply renting a room and sending out invitations. Your attendance is dependent on four keys: the topic, the presenter, the intended audience and the ability to attend. Inviting an interested audience will insure they give this strong consideration.

A exciting topic will pique their curiosity or answer a need they have.  A strong presenter will give your presentation authority, credibility and impact. The choice of a date and time that works for their schedule, with adequate amount of advance notice, makes it possible for them to attend.  If any one of these doesn’t work for your invitee, they will not attend your proposed event.


  • What benefits would hosting structured training events or seminars be to our clients and prospects?
  • How can we effectively use this to present our information?
  • Recall effective uses of this? Think about the product and/or services. What made it truly effective and memorable?
  • Who would be the best people to use in staging, hosting and conducting such an event?

Overall educational seminars are great for everyone. The producer make a few buck selling seats and products. The attendees walk away with valuable information and networking opportunities and much more. Add seminars to your marketing plans. Both producing and attending.

Attending - $250 - $500 per month.
Producing - $500 - $2,500 and when done correctly the ROI will offset any investment in onsite sales and/or future sales