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E-courses or E-learning are the delivery of a learning, training or education program by electronic means.

E-learning involves the use of a computer, MP3 player or electronic device (e.g. a mobile phone) in some way to provide training, educational or learning material. E-learning was first called Internet-Based training then Web-Based Training.

Today you will still find these terms being used, along with variations of e-learning such as ecourses, elearning, Elearning, and eLearning.

E-learning can involve a greater variety of equipment than online training or education, for as the name implies, online involves using the Internet or an Intranet. CD-ROM and DVD can be used to provide learning materials.

Distance education provided the base for e-learning's development. E-learning can be on demand. It overcomes timing, attendance and travel difficulties.

E-Course types include full online courses, certification test preparation courses, and continuing education courses. eCourses can be robust with multimedia integration, which helps create a highly interactive experience for the learner eCourses include testing, reporting, use tracking capabilities, and much more.

E-Learning website are also a perfect location to add your educational content and many of the elearning websites will promote your classes for you.

Budget: $500 - $2,500 quarterly