Internet Marketing


E- Reports

You have expertise to share with the world.

I challenge you to write an e-report. A report, or guide or top ten list to distribute electronically throughout the Internet.

Why? To generate almost free traffic to your website or blog. As you post more reports in the article submission websites, you share your knowledge with the world, marketing your service or product in a non-imposing fashion.

You are an expert in a field, this is your chance to show off your expertise to a wider variety of people than you might expect.

When you share valuable, quality information, your readers will not only respect you, but they will trust you as well, and this trust converts to sales. It is very important that you build trust and respect among your readers for the simple reason that this can turn them into customers.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that you post your article under the right category or categories and add meta-tags (categorizing words and phrases) when asked.

Just about every article site will allow you to place your website link as part of your Internet signature. There are literally thousands of article directories where you can publish, and you can publish to as many of them as you wish. Simply search "Article Directories", sign up for an account and start submitting your e-reports.

And remember to add the creation and distribution of your E- Reports to all your advertising and marketing plans to help build credibility and traffic to your website and business.

Budget: $300 - $750 monthly