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Dream 100 Clients

Dream 100 Future Client list.

Create a Dream 100 Future Client list of the top 100, 250, 500 clients you'd love to work with.

Who are your Dream 100 Clients

One of the late Chet Holmes’ key strategies to  double your sales  is – “Dream 100 Effort.” 

The Best Buyer Concept
There's always a smaller number of ideal buyers, rather than all buyers, so ideal buyers are cheaper to market to and yet bring greater rewards.

It's a marketing and sales concept where you go after your “Dream” prospects with a vengeance.

Create marketing, sales and follow-up campaign that communicates with each business and person on your Dream 100 list at least every 45 days.

Idealy you want to communicate with them every 30 days.

The old adage "The squeaky wheel get's the oil" works here.

After a propects receives your communications for a while they start remembering you and your ongoing messages. Evenually they well realize that you want their business. probably won't stop until you get it and will contact you.

The secret is to be patient. Many times it takes 5, 10 or even 20 touches before your Dream 100 future clients raises his/her hand and say, "YES" let talk.

Ask yourself, who are my DREAM prospects?
And how committed am I to getting them as clients?

Now, Imagine getting 30 of these Dream 100 Clients by the end of the year.

Try it, you'll be glad you did.

Budget: $500 - $2,000 monthly depending on what you're mailing (see Bumpy Mail), emailing or dropping off at your future clients offices