Display Advertising

A display advertisement is usually any print advertisement other than a classified advertisement.

Display ads are generally found in most publications such as newspapers, magazines and yellow page ads in your local phone book.
Display ads are usually several columns wide and often contain color, graphics, and pictures.

Display advertising is also found among the editorial sections of a publication.

Plus freestanding advertisement designed for exhibition in traffic areas, such as retail stores, public buildings, terminals, and the like are also considered display advertising.

Display advertising also appears on the Internet, as a form of internet marketing.
Display advertising appears on web pages in many forms, including web banners.

These banners can consist of static or animated images, as well as interactive media that may include audio and video elements.
Adobe Flash or .gif are the preferred presentation formats for such interactive advertisements.
The Internet Advertising Bureau, an industry trade group, sets some standards for online display advertisement sizes and shapes.

Here's a display ad secret. You will find that you can negotiate a reduced price on your display ad if you call shortly before their deadline.
And keep in mnd that print display advertising works to tighter timelines and require a bit more time to process before it is ready to print.

However, be sure to have your advertisement’s digital art work ready to send.
In many cases the sales person will be chasing a target and will gladly help you if they haven’t yet met that target and you call at the right time.
Also, many local papers are typically always under staffed meaning the sales person must cover more bases and may be relieved to receive your call!

Simply look in your local paper for the contact strip and find out the number of display sales staff working for the paper.
Then write down the deadline for bookings.
Then, when you next wish to advertise, don’t call early - try calling as late as possible (around a half hour before the deadline) and be sure to ASK for a discount and hold your ground until you get one. Asking for 80% off is not unheard of!

Know this. This won’t work if you have a marketing strategy and need to ensure you’re ad is ‘positioned’ on a particular page.

Always book your display advertsing space early for the front page, back page, page 3 and page 5.

And remember, when adding display advertising to your marketing plans you'll need to do a bit of advance planning.

Budget:  $150 - $10,000 Weekly