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Directory Submissions

Directory submission is one of the most important things to do when you are link building. It is an great way to get solid one way links back to your domain, sub domain or blog.

To do this you must give specific information about the site including what category and sub-category the site belongs in.

This is a very important step when submitting your site to directories.

Request for placement in the wrong category will certainly get your site disapproved.

Most directories have human editors and frown severely on multiple submissions, however if you have a big site with multiple categories, you can place your subcategories as sub domains and submit in different sections of the directory.

Directory submission should be done when your website is fully functional and ready for viewing. It's smarter to have finished building the basics of your site before you submit your URL for approval.

All the pages should have content and all the links should be tested and working. Even if it is only a one page site, everything should work right.

Now, keep in mind
that your content on the site should be "relevant" to the section you are listing under. Check and double check, and if you can't find a category that explicitly describes you, go for the nearest descriptive terms.

Submitting your URL to directories is the beginning of your marketing program. It is the easiest way to start and an assured way of getting traffic to your website.

When it comes to Directory Submissions, there are many ways to add them to your advertsing and marketing plans. A great place is to start is right here with your marketing plan.

Budget: $100 - $250 per month

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