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Designated Marketer

Who's your Designated Marketer?

Many times that responsibility fall on the shoulders of the business owner.

Sometimes it's an employee designated the new business marketing manager.
Their official roll is to figure our the who, what, when, where and how, plus the content of marketing approaches.

Some companies require this documented as part of the company’s legal operations.

The designated marketer's title can be dependent on the structure of the organization.
In smaller organizations, ownership or upper management may assume these as part of their responsibilities.

As an organization grows and diversifies, these responsibilities can become specialized and may be handled by a number of key personnel including titles such as VP of Sales and Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Manager or Director.

“The Buck Stops Here” was the famous sign on Harry S Truman’s desk.
For sales, marketing and promotional strategies and plans, where does the buck stop in your organization?


  • Does the legal structure of our organization require us to assign a designated marketer?
  • What is the structure of both people and processes that our marketing initiatives go through in order to be implemented?

 Many times the business owner is responsible for creating all the busienss, marketing and advertsiing plans. And. that's a good thing because the owner is the most passionate about the business and cane come up with the most emotional reasons why a propsect should buy their products, services and ideas.

So, even if your company has a designiated marketer, that person woould be wise to start gahering marketing research with the owner, CEO and presidnet of the company.

Budget: $2,500 - $10,000 per month