Decals, also called a stickers that you give your loyal clients is an easy and cost effective way to display your logo and help you create more buzz about your product. Stickers are one of the oldest ways to promote your business and is still one of the most versatile and effective.

Every Apple computer I bought came with decals that I always display.

Decals can be packed with every order you ship or handed out at tradeshows or events that you sponsor.

Custom stickers are cheap enough to give away.
Let's face it, people love free stuff, especially if it speaks to their aesthetic, sense of humor, etc.

Decals on your own vehicle and/or company vehicles are rolling billboards for your business.

Make space and include your phone number and website.

Other decal and sticker ideas include:

Equipment Decals and Sticker Hang Tag used for temporary information applied to product (coupons, reviews, stats/info,etc.), permanent labeling, or a sticker hang tag (with or without info on back).

Decal Signage - Stickers for retail locations, fleet graphics, non-skid floor graphics, and any large printed vinyl product all used to spread your brand and message, fast.

Plan on using low-cost decals to spread the word about your business in your marketing.

Budget: $350 - $2,500 yearly