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Daily Question

Asking a daily question is a technique of posing a question each day to yourself, employees, suppliers, prospect and/or customer in order energize both a thought and elicit their active response. This is considered a long-term customer/audience building technique.

Daily Questions can be done in several ways. Using social media sites, you can post one to a Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn page. You can use a widget that will put it on your web site or the web sites of others.  You can put one of these on the bottom of your emails. You could even have an opt-in service where interested parties get these on a regular basis. The options are vast, and the choices are yours.

How you ask a question is important as the question itself. We all have seen TV dramas where the hard-edged detective or the forceful attorney asks their subject many power packed questions to evoke an emotional and crucial response.

In sales and marketing, our task is to build confidence in a more thoughtful and reassuring way – and often add the seeds of discontent to allow our prospect to see the errors of their current ways.

This daily question technique can also be used personally.
Everyday ask yourself, "What is the most important thing I must get done today?"
Write it down on the top of your to-do list, and make sure you complete that task.


  • What sort of questions can I ask that engage, but don’t alienate various people?
  • What sort of series of questions can I lead my future clients through to build awareness, interest and action towards a purchasing decision?
  • What are the questions in my presentations that I am currently using that can be used in a daily questions setting?
  • What's the one thing I must complete today?

Simply adding one question a day to your advertising, business and marketing plans will keep you sharp and thinking of way to grow your business.

Budget: not much $25 - $75 a week to email or post questions