Internet Marketing



Web content, or Internet content is the 'stuff' that makes up a website. This could be words (text), pictures, images, video or sounds.

When we talk about web content, we are basically referring to content in a textual nature. Content is the 'information' a website provides.

It's a fact most people use the Internet as a source for information. This is why the majority of Websites on the Internet are information-centric, delivering text-based information as their main content.

Every Website must satisfy this need for information by developing high quality content that will benefit your intended target audience.

The web content you devise, layout and development are the most important area of your site. However, many other issues come into play which we must understand

It's estimated that reading from computer screens is 25% slower than from paper. Your web content therefore should have about 50% of the word count of its paper equivalent. Other studies show over 75% of web users scan web pages, reading subheadlines to get the picture instead of reading word-for-word.

Simplicity is the main, web design principal for websites. Web design is about good content design and making life simple for the user to read, navigate and interact with your content.

This does not automatically mean your site must look dull, be boring and is lifeless; it simply means our site is delivering content and is easy to use.

Planning what your web content is and why is it's so important for websites to have it presented in a simple to follow way is critical to marketing on the internet. So important that your must add Internet content planning to your business, advertising and marketing plans. Do it now while it's fresh on your mind

Budget: $250 - $1,000 per week