Public Relations


Company Picnics

An effective internal & external marketing tool, company picnics are a great way to bring your team, clients and suppliers together in a family friendly environment, if you plan carefully.

Get a event planning team together – no matter how small – and let them put the picnic together. Be sure to give them specific rules to follow first. They need to know expectations and how much freedom they have. Have something for everyone to do – kids through adults.

Make it organized and fun, but not overly structured. Get to know you everyones families. If you can, make it a point to spend a few minutes with each person who comes to the picnic. Let them know you are glad they are here and part of the family.

Give everyone a gift or prize to take home – something like a beach towel or cooler with your company logo on it. Both are practical and durable – reminding them of the good time they had.

Have someone take photos of everyone at the event – shots of each everyone having a good time and maybe even a group shot. You will be amazed what this can do to help bond, build stronger relationships and how this translates into a more cohesive unit at work.

Put pictures on the walls, on your website and in your newsletter. Email pictures to your clients and suppliers. Who enjoys and benefits? Everyone.