Public Relations


Community Involvement

Getting deeply involved in worthwhile community projects in your area can be the most satisfying thing you will ever do.

Community involvement can also be vital to the success of your business. A successful community involvement marketing plan provides tremendous results in goodwill and direct sales.

However, before you simply dive in and show up at various community projects and charities in an attempt to show you care and create goodwill on behalf of your company, stop and think carefully about several things:
1) What non-profit or charitable groups of efforts are you truly passionate about, |
2) How much time and resources can you realistically devote to the group(s),
3) How much do you want your company involved,
4) How do you avoid appearing as though you are simply doing it for indirect financial gain, i.e. exposure for you or your company?
The list of things you should think about first goes on.

Actually, it is quite simple. Just be honest with yourself first and determine what you really want to support. You want to give back, who do you want to give back to? You need to narrow down the groups you want to support. Keep it to two or three at most. Many more will call once they hear you are giving back to others.

Be honest with them and simply state that choices must be made and you can’t support everyone. Ask your team if they would like to be involved also and how. Let them choose to do so. The effort will then be sincere and successful.

Simply list these organizations on your web site and create links between your site and theirs.
Be a sponsor for their events. Celebrate milestones reached by the groups. Enjoy helping out. The rest will take care of itself. 

Budget:  $250 - $1,000 per month