Public Relations


Column in a Publication

Find publications in your local area or region that cater to you target market, i.e. if you are a business-to-business service company, find a popular business publication. You can also target the local or regional newspapers to put columns in their publications.

Obviously, don’t overlook online publications. These can be the most effective and obviously will begin to really dominate the market. Approach these publications about writing a guest or regular column about important business issues and solutions. This is somewhat like a white paper – it is not an advertisement for your company directly, but a solution-driven essay about a topic of interest to most business owners.

Your bang for the buck is your name and company attached to the column, even if you never discuss who your company is or your specific service offering (if you can carefully work that in, all the better).

You become a subject expert of sorts and create name recognition for yourself and your company. This can be the most effective form of marketing and advertising you can do.