College Newspaper Advertising

The average college newspaper issue is read by 62 percent of of the students in its market. If a company wants to reach that market by placing ads in college newspapers, it may be easier and more cost-efficient to contact one of the few existing college newspaper advertising syndicates.

These organizations will ship your company's copy to thousands of college newspapers and then collect tear sheets and monitor advertising performance. They can also match your company's specific needs to particular college newspapers, based on categories such as college enrollment, circulation, cost to attend, or college degrees offered.

And does it pay off? Absolutely. The on-campus readership rates for these papers are greater than any other national publication. Some statistics show that as much as 98% of the campus reads their papers. And in large campuses, where the paper is published every weekday, you get your message in front of students five times a week. That’s what you call amazing readership,

Budget: $500 - $5,500 per month depending on the number of College Newspapers your ad runs.