Special Categories


Client Categorizing

Client categorizing - The ability to put parallel groups of customers together by characteristics can streamline marketing efforts, administrative efficiencies and operational needs. 

Many ways of categorizing customers are quite natural. Businesses in the same or similar industries traditionally have the same or very similar needs. Businesses in the same geographic area can often be managed and receive delivery in the same way.  
Often analysis of the history of a business can help understand how, when and why to make business decisions.

A business that has specific calendar series of events is looking to make certain purchases in the beginning, middle and end of its calendar or cycles; as opposed to those that produce the same item or services throughout the year. Businesses may have peak and off peak seasons.  
If one has a dairy as a client, certain items are in higher and lesser demand through out the year. Holiday Egg Nog and Butter shaped like Turkeys are seasonal item, then Milk which has a base line of sales all year. Whipping Cream may have seasonal ups and downs. A line of fruit flavored drinks and teas may sell briskly from May through September, but not be produced October through April. If you supply the packaging for these items, you will want your products ready and delivered with the right amount of lead time for their manufacturing cycles. If you supply the advertising and printing, you need to know these same cycles.   
CRM Software can provide excellent tools for making these judgements. The challenge of any software is insuring that the data that it uses is accurate, current and authentic. Several solutions like GoldMine, ACT and even Outlook, plus many others provide you tools that when programmed and working correctly can help evaluate your pipeline and your prospects.   

Budget: $300 - $800 weekly