Direct Response Marketing


Client Appreciation Parties

At least once a year invite all of your past clients and referral contacts (your A's and B's) to your annual Client Appreciation Party.

Ideas for parties:
•    Backyard barbeque
•    Halloween Party
•    Sports Celebration
•    Rent your local movie theater
•    Harbor cruise (on the coast)
•    Cooking demonstration
•    Pool party

The most important thing is your contacts get to know you appreciate them and the referrals they send to you.

This is also a great way for you to network within you referral database.

Once you have arranged the venue send out written invitations at least three months in advance; then follow-up with a phone call to confirm receipt / attendance.

Mail a reminder card the week of the party.

Now add at least one Client Appreciation Party to this years marketing and promotions plan and calendar.

Budget about $250 - $1,000 a year for these Client Appreciation Party's and watch your investment come back 10X.