Classified Ads

Classified Ads can be a very cost effective way to advertise.

List products or services for sale or place announcement ads for upcoming seminars or training opportunities.

Check for classified advertising in the local paper but don’t forget online listings like Craigslist.

And Craigslist is not the only free source of online classified advertising. Search the internet, you find many more places to post your free ads.

Try placing at least two separate classified ads with new keyword in the title so that you can increase website hits and sales calls even faster!

eBay is a huge cheap classified advertising site that help promote your products, services and ideas.

Many TV stations and websites also have classified listings that are free or very low cost.

Another low cost advertising idea is placing ads in classified ads such as a trading post magazine. Many towns have a trading post type magazine or newpaper where individuals are allowed to post classified ads and sell products.They have everything from tool for sale to furniture and are available free and for purchase in almost every convenience sale. 

A LOT of people look through these things. What many business owners don't realize is that you can place commercial ads in these publications. Simply figure out what section that you product or service best fits and see if you can place an ad in that section.

You will probably be able to run ads for a month for around $20.
Planning to placing ads in these types of classified publications are an amazingly effective low cost advertising and marketing, and very smart too.

Budget: Free - $50 a week