Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are marketing and advertisements featuring endorsements of products and services by well-known personalities from the field of entertainment, sport, politics, etc.

A celebrity could be well-known local newscaster, a national sports star or even a rising star.

Celebrity endorsements add credibility to your products/services, if and this is a big, if, your celebrity makes sense for your products/services.

How well do the celebrities you are considering match with your products/services? Preferably, you will find someone who has a personal interest in what you are selling.

Be careful, there is always the possibility of scandal. The most benign celebrity is open to bad publicity. A celebrity can find himself/herself in hot water without even doing much.

What will you do when the headlines about your endorser are all bad...really bad? Remember Michael Jackson and Pepsi? Celebrity endorsements can be expensive.

Remember, fame is fleeting so the celebrity you hire in January may be far less popular by March.

How will your add celebrity endorsements to build your credibility into your marketing plans