CD/DVD-ROM advertising

CD-DVD marketing promotes your products and services in a way that is engaging, exciting, and interactive.
Audio presentations and education are great sales tools because most people listen to them in their car.
You have a captive audience to tell your story and make your sales pitch.

Video slideshows on DVD are both a great sales tool, and a perfect for showing and as a handout at trade shows.
Presentation DVDs can be used in both one-on-one presentations, and seminar situations.
Again, you have a captive audience and their full attention.

If you want something different to a standard CD jewel case or plastic wallet then business card CDs and postcard CDs may provide an interesting and economic solution. Many marketers have found that they cost much less to produce than brochure packs and that at trade shows or exhibitions they are a more popular alternative to carrying around heavy brochure packs.

In addition to being unusual marketing items, there are also a number of benefits to using these types of CD/DVD discs.

For example the postcard CDs and DVDs are ideal all-in-one mailers being light weight, small in size, very attractive, unique and also incredible value.

Maybe it's time to add them to your advertising and marketing plans today?