Selling products through catalog sales. Many huge general merchandise retailers, such as Sears, Roebuck & Company or Montgomery Wards marketed heavily for many years. Now, catalog marketing has become a marketing method with thousands of specialty niches.

Anyone, buyers and businesses can find just about anything they need from a catalog. Some of the biggest categories include women's apparel, home furnsihings, gifts and collectibles, electronics, and men's apparel.

Catalogs can be found in your mail box, at book stores, magazine stands, specialty shops, and trade shows, and on the Internet. Huge growth for the catalog marketing industry is happening on the Internet where experienced catalog marketers as well as traditional retailers are profiting with on-line catalogs.

Contact the catalogs that best fits your product. Catalogs always are looking for profitable products to add to their mix. Send them samples, sell sheets and any other proven tool that have proved successful. Follow-up with phone calls, emails and faxes. Catalogs get untold requests for product inclusion and as always, the squeaky wheel get the oil.

So oil the wheels of your marketing plans by adding catalog marketing to the mix.

Budget: $500 - $5,000 per month