Have you walk round any art gallery, anywhere in the world? Next time you go watch what people do, it is quite revealing: they tend to look at the captions to the paintings before really looking at the the paintings themselves.

Now, look at your marketing. Are you captioning the photos on your brochures, blog and website?

Captions are the eye catchers that when written right deliver the benefits that are in the photo.

Never assume that the viewer is going to figure out exactly what your photo is all about. A picture may not say the thousand words you want your viewer to hear.

In fact, the picture may be delivering a completely wrong message that lead the viewer to stop and never get to the meat of your message.

So, the next time you add a photo to a brochure, ad or website plan on adding a caption near that photo and watch your future client keep reading the balance of your message.

Budget: $50 - $100 monthly