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Can't Refuse Offer (CRO)

A can't refuse offer also called an irresistable offer is an offer you make to future clients that they would be crazy to turn down because they would lose or not gain something drastic.

In order to sell anything you have to have a good offer. Why not make it a can't refuse offer?

As you know an “Offer” is a contractual term. Probably in some law book somewhere.
It’s a smile & nod to enter into an economic relationship, or any relationship really.
The relationship is based on mutual agreements. I’ll do this for you if you do this for me.
Give me money or attention or sex or friendship… and you'll get this or that.

Creating a can't refuse offer means telling a story that people want to hear, so they naturally respond.

A a can't refuse offer is also creating a super strong incentive that gets clients self motivated to respond to your marketing message and offer.

You want them to either order from you, taking the next step in the sales process or give you their contact information.

You need to make sure your offer eliminates risk to your buyer.
Your client has to feel assured that there is no risk to buying your product, service or idea.

How will you create an offer so strong that they’d be crazy to not respond to it.

Budget: $200 - $350 per marketing project