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Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing, also called viral marketing or word-of-mouth marketing is a form of grass roots marketing where a business’s products or services are consciously or subconsciously promoted between individuals in conversation, by referrals or through means such as social media.

Something that pleases a given market, fulfills their needs in a unique or exciting way or achieves awareness in a relatively short amount of time by this direct communication is said to have ‘Great Buzz Marketing’ associated with it.

Buzz marketing is far from new, but the Internet has changed the way it's being used.
Buzz campaigns are now being started in chat rooms. You blend in, ask & answer questions and then pitch your product, service and ideas using subtle hints and your signoff box

Personal Web logs (Blogs) are another popular media for electronic buzz marketing campaigns; advertisers seek out other bloggers of the "right kind of imformation" and trade products, articles or pay for promotion.

One drawback to a strong buzz marketing appeal is that a product may come across as either trendy or too much hype. While there is a point of strong market share that rivals on dominance, there can also be a backlash.  Less loyal customers seek that next buzz-worthy product that they can call their own.

•    What part of my target market is most likely to recommend what I do to their colleagues, friends and associates?
•    What is the key message that could be portrayed by buzz marketing?
•    What steps are necessary to create such initial awareness?
•    What is an example of a product or service I used as a result of Buzz Marketing?