Business Cards

Business cards are cards showing business information about a company or individual.
They are typically shared during introductions as a convenience and a memory aid.

A business card typically includes the giver's name, company affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website.

Business cards are frequently given out to provide potential customers, business acquaintance with a means to contact the business or representative of the business.

Business cards are one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools a business can have. And yet, too often it's a missed opportunity to make a first great impression.

A smart well-designed business card can effectively promote your business.

There's a good chance that if the look and quality of your card is shoddy or unprofessional, it may be thrown into the trash. In fact I was handed a card a few day's ago, it looked like it was printed on a low cost inkjet printer, using cheap card stock and to top it off was cut crooked. This person was marketing professional organization services. Not a very good first impression. I did end up tossing it in the trash.

You don't need to be a great graphic designer to come up with a good business card.
The truth is -- you can simply look through the business cards you've collected, find a design you like and copy it.  Or use one of the thousands of templates at any of the printing Websites.

It's that easy too have a business card that will draw rave reviews and future clients.

And it's even easier to add business card marketing to your business plans. Do it now...

Budget: $200 -$300 yearly per person


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