Public Relations


Business Anniversary Events

Celebrating internal and external business anniversary events are key to building and strengthening relationships with your team, clients and suppliers.

Having a fun celebration for each team member’s employment anniversary with your company, gather your team together and raise a toast to them on the date your began your relationship with each client, have a gathering on the anniversary date of your company’s founding, etc.

Make sure these dates are documented, known and celebrated.

Let your clients know you and your team celebrate these things.

Send an announcement to local media each time.

On very special occasions, invite your clients or vendors to celebrate with you. This type of marketing creates an environment of appreciation and trust that will strengthen your company internally and externally. Potential clients will recognize and reward you for this effort also. Everyone wins.

Everyone has an anniversary of some kind, plan on celebrating them. Add these events to your PR, public relation and marketing plans right now while it fresh on your mind.

You can create anniversary event for low cost.
email invites are almost free. Self printed invites are very low-cost and a simple pizza & cake party is fast and easy to throw together. For more significant events, it will take a bit more planning, preparation and expense. It's worth the investment. The goodwill created is priceless.

Budget: $250 - $1,500 per event. Or $150 - $300 per month