Bullet Points

Bullet points are a little typographic symbols followed by short sentences (or a series of sentences) designed to call attention to lines of text such as in a list. 

Bullets typically present a benefit, and often entice the prospect with an element of intrigue and curiosity. Bullet points also separate marketing thoughts from the running text.

Bullets also break up running text making your marketing text easier to read.

Bullets allow you to pack your benefits into a nice compact list that is much more exciting and fascinating.

Almost without fail, marketing messages that fails to get good results suffers from a lack of powerful, persuasive, and blind bullet points.

Most people don’t read; they skim, scan, and jump around. To suck them into your marketing messages, use bullet points that snatch-attention, are easy to scan, and create curosity.

An effective bullet starts with giving a specific benefit. For instance, "How to write bullets that break down your prospect's natural buying defenses."

When will you add bullets to your advertising and marketing plans?