Want to attract a lot of folks? Give it away. People are attracted to free stuff?

A bonus, freebie, premium, prize, giveaways or reward is something of value you give away or is something unexpected or a surprise free add-on.

Bonuses could be free products, services, lessons or anything else you can add to what you are selling to sweeten the deal to make it an irresistible offer.

A bonus should always be something of high perceived value that your prospect would be happy to pay for.

Never give away a bouns that you could not sell becasue if the value isn't there then you will have wasted you time giving away something of little use.

Giveaways are perfect for a trade show while grand opening. Bounses are great for new businesses. Marketing Giveaways work well for restaurants, companies and more.

When will you start working free bonuses into your advertsing and marketing plans?