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A blog is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts, ideas and Web links.

A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people.

People maintained blogs long before the term was coined, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems, most notably Blogger at and WordPress at Thousands of people use services such as Blogger and WordPress to simplify and accelerate the publishing process.

To make it even simpler, search for word press themes and blogger themes. There are thousands of Free WordPress Themes sites throught the internet. Plus even more Premium WP Themes that you can purchase for under $100. Select a WP there that best represents the theme of your blog. And best of all, they are easy to work with, change and make blogging a lot easir.

Blogs are alternatively called web logs or weblogs. However, "blog" seems less likely to cause confusion, as "web log" can also mean a server's log files.


Budget: Initial blog creation $500 - $$2,500; Monthly posting and updating  $250 - $1,000


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