Blimps also called Hot Air Balloon Marketing is more widley know as the Goodyear Blimp.

You’ve seen them flying over all sorts of events.

Even in the movie with Bruce Dern, Black Sunday. Ok, a bad usage of a Blimp. But it got it’s message across.

Anyway, Blimps or Hot air advertising (sorry)  has the potential of getting your message in front of a huge captive audience.

If it was me I'd throw my Website address, URL on a Blimp and put it in front of people at large outdoor festivals, events and concerts. Drive people to your website and pitch them there.

Be sure to make an offer to get people running to your biz.

Remember. People don’t give a damn about your nice logo.

Marketing blimps, advertising balloons and ariel advertising create sales and profits and should be included in your marketing Plans