A billboard (known in the industry as a “bulletin”) is described as a panel for the display of advertisements located on key highways, intersections and choke points to all major cities or on the sides of buildings. 

The standard size of a billboard is 14' x 48' (20' x 60', odd-sizes and extensions also available).  Bulletins are covered with vinyl and possess the high impact canvas needed to make a major splash in whatever market you wish.

For Small and medium businesses, it provides an avenue for consumers to respond to their business and build brand awareness along heavily traversed locations where ten’s of thousands of vehicles pass each day. 

Budget: Investments are suggested for a minimum of three (3) months; one bulletin sized billboard will have an approximate investment of $2,500 to $8,000 per month.

Description provided by Greg Coyne CBS Outdoor,


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Description provided by Greg Coyne CBS Outdoor,

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