Believability - You’ve either got it or you don’t!

Honesty will help you sell more of your products or services.

You must believe sincerely in what you do or sell. If you don’t, then your clients and prospects will not believe you or your sales copy.

People have a keen sense of whether or not you are being totally honest and sincere about what you are selling. You may fool a person once but, after your dishonesty is discovered, you will lose him or her as a client forever.

If people believe that you will deliver what you say you will, they will buy. Give people even one unbelievable piece of information, No sale.

So, how do you boost your believability?
First, understand that perception is reality!

Second, always tell the truth.

Third, include documentary proof (in the form of photos and/or documentary evidence) to support your product/service claim. If you claim that your product will make me $100,000, PROVE it to me. If a certain pill will eliminate my hair loss, help me lose weight or remove my wrinkles, provide evidence to support your claim.

Where possible, provide a FREE sample of your product/service.
This is really the ultimate belief builder.

Offer third party, happy client testimonials and be as specific as possible. Generally speaking though, this is an essential aspect of marketing.

So, how will your build believability and honesty into your advertising and marketing plans and systems?