Public Relations


Awards Received

When your company, as a whole or a team member in your company, receives an award, celebrate it.

Obviously, if the award is directly related to performance, you need to make it a big deal – because it is. However, also be sure to celebrate other awards.

If your company is recognized by a charity for your service, it is a big deal and has really made a difference somewhere. Don’t be afraid to celebrate it and make it known. It tells the world who you are and encourages others to emulate your values and commitment. Everybody wins. If you have an employee who is recognized for something outside the company, celebrate that also, even if just internally.

You will be amazed at what that does for teamwork and morale. Plan on making PR announcments of of all your awards in the local paper and include a picture if possible.

Budget: $250 - $500 per month