Public Relations


Award Announcements

Any awards that are given or received in your company – internally and externally – should be celebrated and announced to the public. These are milestones in a company’s or individual’s career and are worthy of public attention.

More is better. Create internal awards based on teamwork and performance – focus on results in a positive way.

Also, seek awards externally for your company, whether locally or in your industry. Does your local chamber sponsor a small business of the year award? Go after it.

One secrets of getting nominated is to have your friends, partners, employees, suppliers, or business associates nominate you for the awards that they feel you deserve.

The more awards for which you are nominated, the better your chances are of winning one. Many times even getting nominated will get you noticed, but winning an award really can generate good PR.

Finding out which awards are open to nominations is very easy. You usually can log on to the Internet and search for the event and the awards in which you are interested. Most award applications can be filed out and submitted online. As with any other marketing or PR effort, test your nomination application letters by using different headlines and text until you find the formula that creates the correct response.

Once you master this technique, you can start receiving these prestigious awards and all of the benefits that go along with them. After you receive an award, you will find that you often will be presented with additional opportunities to speak with the print media or to do interviews on radio and television.

Positive results create momentum and when shared with your intended public, the momentum increases. Not only can this positive perception (should also be reality) lead to more clients and revenue, it also creates a culture in your company that encourages and rewards hard work, innovation and results. The best and brightest will seek you out for employment, thus creating a strong talented team.

Budget: $100 - $250 month