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When you consider your Internet marketing strategy, make sure you understand that the money is in the follow up. For the purpose of profitable email automatic responder marketing campaign, you need to understand two types of Autoresponder communication.

1) Routine Messages: The first type of email message that your autoresponder should be used for is your routine 24/7 automated sales force, repeating your routine messages down along the line. Prewritten messages, automated and sent at specific intervals that are designed to educate, sell or drive traffic to a website.

2) Broadcast Messages: The second type is known as a 'broadcast'. You broadcast, when you have a time-sensitive message that you need to send to every person at the same time requiring action within a certain time frame.

i. A Broadcast Message is not part of your routine email automatic responder marketing campaign.

ii. It is only sent for some specific purpose on timely basis.

iii. You may show them new affiliate products or services that you represent or sell them your own.

So, this is where you try converting a portion of your database to purchasers. Use autoresponder marketing is simply a series of sequential email messages, automatically, sent by your website (or third party provider) to the visitor.

Each email is separated by any number of days, that is triggered when a user provides some requested information via an "opt-in," "Name Trap" or "squeeze" page form. For example, a visitor visits your site, give you their name and email on a webform.

Next, they are immediately (Day 0) emailed some useful information (eBook, lesson one etc..), on Day 3 they are emailed more info, then again on Day 10 some new information, etc. The traditional favorite and most economical has been aWeber.

I've used MarketersChoice for more than 5-years. I highly recommend it because of all the added features including an Ad Tracker system and shopping cart.

Joomla has an Autoresponder feature called Acajoom, and the premiere (i.e. most expensive and feature rich) autoresponder that many gooroos are raving about is called Infusionsoft.

Make sure you have a confirmation/thank you page. This is where your subscribers will be redirected after they submitted their personal/contact information through your autoresponder form.

As such, your thank you page will be the first experience your subscribers will have after signing up.

So take this opportunity to make a (good) first impression on your subscribers or to build on the one you made when they first came to your site. Aside from thanking your subscribers for signing up, clearly explain to them what just happened, what happens next, and what (if anything) they need to do.

You can also use your confirmation/thank you page to engage your subscribers with other conversion possibilities like a newsletter signup, membership site, an RSS feed, white paper download, etc.

The autoresponder is, without a doubt, the heart and soul of your Internet marketing machine.
It's the perfect internet marketing tool and should be added to every marketing, advertising and business plan.

Budget: $20 -$250 per monthly. Plus $500 - $2,500 to write and load the autoresponder messages into the system.

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