Public Relations


Article in a Publication

Having an article written about your company in a publication can be the most effective way to market yourself. It is the cheapest, yet best way to create awareness and gain credibility in your target market.

The beauty of articles are they typically are written third party. A writer or editor calls and interviews you. Asks you questions to discover the who, what, when, where and why's of your business. They then write an article relating your information to the audiance of that publicatons.

Continuously keep in your mind any and everything about your company that you feel is newsworthy – things like why you founded the company, your unique value proposition and how it separates you from your competitors. Also include a unique or patented process that makes your product or service better (don’t give away your secrets, just let people know you have some and show the fantastic results), how or why you support a non-profit group and why it is important to you, etc.

Know the publication and its market. If you try to get an article written in a magazine blindly, without knowing much about the publication, you’re wasting your time.

Do your research. Start by reading back issues of the publication — that will give you a decent idea of what the publication’s about, and who their audience is. Find back issues in your local library or online.

Every successful company has one or more great stories.

Do your best to develop a positive relationships with local media outlets and make sure you communicate with them on a regular basis – give them leads on other great stories as well. This will show that you care about your community and the people who make it go. You will be rewarded many times over.

Budget: $50 - $200 per week