Public Relations



General announcements of important dates, achievements, etc. for your company will generate attention and goodwill for your team, clients and community.

If you regard marketing as relationship building it's easy to understand the value of something as simple as an announcement.

Think about all the important dates that relate to your company – use that information to let the world know you are here and successful! Utilize promoting announcements internally, as well as externally.

Consistent and effective communication within your company with your team and to the outside world is an important way to create and maintain a positive environment and awareness.

Even if you are a new company and extremely busy trying to get on your feet and survive, stop and take notice of the good things that happen and let your team know that they are appreciated.

When you get a new client – even a small one – announce and celebrate it internally, then send a press release to appropriate media outlets in your area and/or marketplace to let everyone else know also.

Plan on celebrating your successes. It smart PR and marketing that helps build relationships, credibility and trust with your employees, clients and suppliers.

Budget: $150 - $350 per month