Public Relations


Anniversary Announcements

An effective method of maintaining visibility and strengthening awareness in your target markets and audience is through anniversary announcements.

Simply make a list of all the important dates in your company’s history (even if it is a short one).

Things like: date your company went into business, dates each of your employees were hired, dates you began your relationship with each client, dates you, your company and/or your employees achieved some certification in your industry, etc. Set up a process and method to remember and send releases to local online and print media for each anniversary date you wish to promote.

As you know, it will take some effort, but well worth it.

Don’t forget about the benefits of internal marketing within your company with this method. Make a big deal about each employee’s employment anniversary or certification.

Plan on holding a brief celebration for each one and make it sincere.

Everyone appreciates that kind of recognition and it strengthens your most important asset – your team of people.

Budget: $100 - $250 a week