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Did you know search engines allow you to specify words, phrases or tags that you want checked periodically, with results of those searches returned to you by email.

You may also be able to read the searches by RSS feed.

This form of search allows you to monitor whether you, your organisation, your blog or blog item has been mentioned elsewhere, and also demonstrates where it was specifically mentioned and offered the ability to respond if you wish. 

To be relevant and useful, Alerts need to be very specific in their focus.

If one was receiving alerts for simply "James Brown," one would receive large emails each day loaded with a great many references for so many different people including the R&B Singer, the former Football running back turned actor, the CBS Sports television host, the arena named for the singer located in Augusta, GA, as well as many lesser known individuals by that name worldwide.

If your search is "James Brown"  and "William James University" with each put in quotes so the alert search knows to look for those specific qualities, and not just any random combination of those five words, you will return a much more focused search and alert.

It also makes sense to have different searches for similar types of information.

Two examples of this are where one's name may be slightly different, depending on context such as similar searches for "William" and "Bill" of if some one's last name may be traditionally spelled with spaces and/or capitals, such as "Del Toro" truncating them like "Deltoro" may also produce more relevant data. 

Now think about how you can keep an eye on your competitors using alerts. Also how you can track your brand, products and services.

You could build alerts into your next markting plan making it easier to locate information on any number of subjects, people or businesses. Why not add "alerts" to your advertsing and marketing plans now, while you are here.

Budget about 1-2 hours a week to read the headlines and the alerts that catch your eye.
$25 - 50 a week and about $150 one time to set it up.

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