Social Media Marketing



If you have so much information to read and seek a smart way to do it, you need to aggregate.

Aggregation is the process of gathering and remixing content from blogs and other Internet sites that provide RSS feeds.

The results may be displayed in an aggregator website like Bloglines or Google Reader, or directly on your desktop using software often also called a newsreader.

It is most helpful for staying abreast of those areas of interest and concern that effect you, your interests, your marketplace and your business, 

Depending how broad your requests are will determine the reach of the aggregator and what it returns. If one was to aggregate "Britney Spears." the sheer volume of content generated about the pop star would be simply overwhelming to read each day. 

However, it you were to aggregate "marketing plans" then anytime someone posted information about maketing plans, you would receive a headline and link to that article. Saving you time searching for loose information.

Budget: No Idea what to budget here. Set up time a few hours, Reading the data, depends on what you are looking for.  $25 - 250 weekly